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Art With a Heart

About Us

Affordable Art with a Heart started with a humble 3-day art exhibition in Hyderabad. Meera visualized this as more than just an art exhibition. She intended to create a platform to promote differently abled children and upcoming struggling artists while making charity available to all with a  heart for uplifting the less fortunate.

The exhibition featured a vast collection of paintings of different artists and styles, the proceeds of which were donated to the various social well-being initiatives. In addition, students of Ashray Akruti, a school for hearing impaired children will have their paintings showcased.

After the overwhelming response of“Affordable Art with a Heart”  in 2017, the Season 2 (11th, 12 & 13th August 2018) is strengthened the cause with a creative vision. The key charities being -  Isha Vidhya, Lepcha Kottage Orphanage (Sikkim), Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust (KGNMT) and Ashray Akruti.

Meera takes the initiative to the next level by enabling artists, donors, and buyers to engage online across the country, through the launch of the online e-commerce website -

Through the portal, all artists or donors can upload and put up their paintings for sale and art lovers with a heart for charity can purchase them across the year to support the cause. Gati KWE Art Express is the chosen logistics partner and with its complete packaging and transport solutions, will make sure donor or artists paintings are picked up and sent on time and intact across 21750 pin codes in India.

Meera, Director - Founder Affordable Art with Heart


"Meera, Director - Founder Affordable Art with Heart (Director Gati Infrastructure and Chief Brand Custodian - Gati) is a leading women entrepreneur and an art enthusiast herself and also exhibits some of her work at the exhibition and on the e-commerce website" –