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Prakriti - 4

By Marshneil Hanah Dey

₹ 10000/-


Size: 30 X 36 INCH

Style Of Painting: Acrylic on Canvas


I have made this picture by keeping nature in mind. My subject is (Prakriti) nature. The paintings which I make are related to nature. This painting titled (Prakriti -4) is very close to my heart. I have spent a lot of time in making this painting. The colors are vibrant and the leaves of small plants have been created. The small plants bloom on their own and due to lack of protection, they wither on their own. It is the responsibility and obligation of human beings to take care of them.

About Artist:

My name is Marshneil Hannah Dey. In the silent world I know, I can speak but as I have no sound I cannot speak the language of hearing, but I have language of my imagination and thoughts. 200 Born to Pradip and Anita Dey, I have received a lot of love and support since childhood, not only from my parents but from my elder sisters Ms. Anindita Naomi Dey and Mrs. Pratyasha Mary Mukherjee. Their support is noteworthy in my all-round development. They never let me feel differently abled. My schooling started from Nav Vani Vidyalaya (for differently abled children) Harhua, Varanasi. I did my High school and Intermediate from there. In my education till higher secondary, I got the support of my teachers Mr.
Gopal Upadhyay, Mrs. Jyoti Upadhyay and Principal Father Ronald D'Souza. From class 6, my Art teacher was Mr. Chandradeep Sharma who has started the journey of art in my life. Their metriculous guidance through regular communication was beneficial for my over all development.
After that I did Bachelor of Fine Arts from Jeevandeep College, Badalalpur, Harhua Varanasi, where, from time to time, the senior teachers Dr. Dal Singar Prajapati and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh kept on providing support and encouraging me. Presently, I am a student of M.F.A final year.I have a strong inclination towards social service since childhood. I am an active member of the Rotaract Club. Through this club, I have done many works which include spending time with underprivileged children, fulfilling their needs,etc. in Peazilanel I have launched Asia's second and India's first Rotaract club in which all the members are hearing impaired. We love organizing lot of medical camps and doing social service through Rotaract,of which I have also been the Charter President for two consecutive years. Through this club, I also got the opportunity to bring the positive change in the lives of differently abled people. Along with social service, I have also been interested in art. I
have travelled alot within the country and abroad with my parents. During this time, the natural scenes resonated in my heart. I became very fond of nature. This is the reason why I have chosen art as the language for expressing my feelings. Being a trained teacher, I teach the students paper cutting and quilling. I amgood at dancing. I love to spend time with dogs and cats.In my leisure time, I love to do cooking and flower arrangement. At the end, I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me in the journey of my art.
My art is my own imagination.


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