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By Rajeshwar Nyalapalli

₹ 20000/-


Devik shakti is a series of paintings by the artist.
With ardent devotion the artist paints Gods and Goddesses in all their divine strengths and charisma. Tales from the age old epics get recreated in a luminescent and lyrical manner in his works. His visual interpretations are in sync and well aligned with the descriptions found in the ‘shastras’ and ‘puranas’. 
The rendering of the works is finished and detailed, strokes are soft and different hues merge into one another to exemplify a swift, seamless gradation. Ambience is picturesque and at times exaggerated to reach idealistic destinations. In such perfectly chiselled space the ‘devik shaktis’ are enshrined in a grand manner, along with all the pomp and glory that they are always associated with.

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